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Explore the Term Wireless Technology

The notion of wireless technology was initially introduced in the 19th century which has been considerably developed since its introduction. Today the term wireless is being described as a range of devices from tablets, smartphones, printers, Bluetooth, wireless headphones etc.

In the modern world, the wireless technology has been part of the wireless communication system that enables users to communicate even from the remotely operated region. There are several devices for wireless communication such as WI-FI, mobile, GPS, Cordless telephone, television, satellite and wireless computer parts including wireless printers, best wireless headphones and wireless mouse keyboard. The present wireless phone includes Bluetooth technologies and 3 and 4G wireless networks.

Wireless can be divided into

  • Fixed wireless- the functioning of the wireless in home, office, and specific equipment connected to the internet through specialized modems.
  • Mobile wireless- this involves the use of wireless system board motorized or devices, for instance moving vehicles include the personal communication and automotive cellphone system.
  • Portable wireless-the battery powered systems or devices outside the home, office or motor vehicle example include pcs unit and handheld cell phones.
  • IR wireless the use of devices that transmit data through infrared radiation which is infused in certain limited control systems and range communication.

Several types of wireless technologies that can be found in today’s world include:

Pager and Cellular phones: these permits connectivity for the mobile and portable applications, both in business and personal.

Global positioning system (GPS): Enable drivers, captain of boats and ships to locate places

House entertainment system control boxes: The FM radio broadcast receivers; the television channel control boxes, VCR control boxes and HI-FI sound system use this technology.

Remote garage doors openers: The garage door openers as well make use of the wireless technology to control doors by sensing the motion; typically this is performed by the radio frequencies.

Wireless headsets: There is music jukebox that can be found in the form of Bluetooth headphones that enables 24 entertainments even on long trips to make traveling enjoyable. These are great since they are without any wires and light weight easy to carry.

Baby monitors: The baby monitors are as well the wireless technologies that are run by the radio frequencies these are installed to monitor babies in their apartments to have the sense of hearing them when they make sound.

Satellite television: Enables viewers to choose the hundreds of channels from any place in the world

Wireless LAN or local area networks: offers wireless networks making sure reliability and flexibility to several computer users in number of locations such as offices, business or home.

Wireless technology is developing with time and its adoption is rising with the improvement in technology being witnesses throughout the world. Citizens are more depending on the technology in today’s world to add ease to their ways of lives.

Few of the exclusive and specialized examples of the wireless technology could comprise:

  • Wireless application protocol (WAP)- It is the form of communication etiquette established to standardize the methods the wireless devices like radio transverse or cellular communication system are utilized to enable user to access internet using it.
  • General packet radio service (GPRS) – This is a wireless packet based communication system that offers uninterrupted connection for the internet and mobile phone users.
  • Enhanced data GSM environment (EDGE): a swift model of the Global system for mobiles (GSM) wireless service.
  • Global system for the mobile communication (GSM) it is the unique mobile system that can be found in Europe and several parts of the world.

Wireless technology has various advantages and disadvantages


  • It boosts the workers productivity at workplace. In a research it was gathered that number of young employees listen to music by making use of wireless headphones which makes them happier, better at productive and concentrating.
  • Working professionals could access internet and work anytime anywhere with the assist of wireless networks technology.
  • Wireless communication could be used to altered urgent situation. The affected areas may provide support and help with the assistance of these alerts via wireless communication.


The sophisticated wireless technology has enabled us to access our personal devices anywhere and anytime. While there are several benefits of wireless technology there are as well some threats which has emanated as well.

  • Disorder in signals can be caused anytime which could be as a result of the harsh weather condition or any other disturbance.
  • Wireless technology has increased the risk of the security threats for example the hackers may easily access any device as the wireless signals are spread in the air therefore it is very significant to protect the device using the security system so as to avoid such threats to the system.
  • The variety of wireless networks are usually restricted and typical wireless router will permit only users within 150 to 300 feet to access networks.

In the end I think wireless technology apart from having some of the threats it is more of the benefit for the world and most helpful because a lot of things can be done such as to takes pictures, sends information, as well as listen to music using the Bluetooth Headphone technology. In addition, it puts information on the fingertips regardless of where in the world.

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