Top Ten Tech Myths Busted

Below are top ten tech myths that are busted and will always be untrue.

1) Incognito Mode : Incognito mode doesn’t mean at all that you are hidden from the world or no one is able to track you including the websites you are surfing, all websites are still tracking you anyway only what is done by this mode is that your history or bookmarks are not saved in the browser and rest is same as usual.

2) Mac os will never get virus: This is one of the biggest myth as mac os can also be infected with virus and its just the less percentage of mac available in respect to windows as such most black hat hackers make viruses for windows and not mac os or linux but it can be effected with virus anytime.

3) Overcharging can be dangerous : Most of the smartphone users thinks that overcharging or overnight charging will either blow away batteries or will degrade battery life which is a clear cut myth as most of the new age smartphones since a long time comes with inbuilt overcharging protection which automatically cuts the power supply coming thus saving battery in all cases.

4) More bars more network strength: one common myth that more the bars more signal strength which will improve call quality instead strength  is increased bars increases but if network is having congestion call quality and connection will not at all be improved,also  here bars are calibrated by different smartphone at different level of strength measured in dbm.

5) Never use Third party charger: Biggest myth by users that charging with other chargers of different phone will degrade your phones performance instead we must not use duplicate charger for charging any phone but one may use chargers from any branded company for charging any phone keeping in mind the output voltage must be same irrespective of current.

6) Always safe remove usb device from computers :  Most of us must have wasted a lot of time in safely removing usb drivers from computers which is a myth until one is actively using the device to transfer the files which may lead to file corruption but if the usb device is idle you don’t  need to safely eject the device.

7) Smartphones causes cancer: Till now none of the research had proved that smartphone causes cancer so no need to worry and keep using the smartphones in limits.

8) Magnet deletes data: A myth from ears that if magnet comes in contact of hard drives, memory card or pen drives, here in memory card and pen drives data are not stored magnetically so no chance at all of getting it deleted in any case whereas in case of hard drives data is stored magnetically but small magnets can never harm the data or delete it as far as if a strong magnetic field is present like that of mri machine which can harm it but not any type of simple magnets found in house or market.

9) More is Better : No one can judge by just seeing the specifications of any product about its strength and capacity, for eg people think that a 2Tb hdd is better than 256 GB SSD which is not correct in terms of speed and processing power like a 2ghz octacore processor is better than that of 1.5 ghz dual core apple processor.

10) Always Press  F5: Since childhood we have been in this mind set that as soon as we start our PC or laptop we must right click n refresh or press F5 continuously  which will make our computer fast, its a complete myth as what refresh does is just rebuilds the data present on that screen on which refresh is  done.


So these are top ten tech myths which must be avoided in our daily life..

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