Understanding the Ins And Outs of Moodle Mobile Learning

With technology becoming an essential component of our daily life, more people choose to get a swift access to websites within their company utilizing their mobile devices rather than utilizing the desktop computers or traditional notebook. So, to meet the user demands, schools and educational institutes are gradually overhauling their course management system and utilizing Moodle to develop mobile apps. Because we depend heavily on our portable devices, we depend on them for learning, playing games and communication. Mobile learning is gradually gaining popularity and Moodle LMS fully supports it.

What does it Mean by Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning may be described as learning anything at anytime and from anywhere. The mobile module refers to the device that enables the people to easily have the right to the course even while on the go. This is may be achieved with a few platforms such as Moodle development because courseware is can only be found within the LMS. It has different advantages that comprise increased mobility, communication, and collaboration. Smartphones, portable gaming devices, tablets, media players, e-readers are all back-up by the Moodle platform and may be effectively utilized to deliver varied feature mobile learning. Learning materials have become easily accessible nowadays and with mobile, it is simple to learn, read and engage people.

The Benefits of Using Moodle Mobile Learning

There are several learners throughout the world who are eager to learn different courses but are restricted due to several issues such as physical stress, timings, and the distance. Today, acquiring knowledge is simple as numerous educational companies have their courses stored online and even the appraisal can be carried out from any place allowing the process comfortable. The administrators can simply grade and access the students swiftly. Mobile appraisals provide the opportunity to offer detailed feedback, creating more avenues for users to learn.

Communication is as well improved as there are several new techniques to reach out. You can utilize forums, chatting, SMS messaging, virtual classrooms, real-time, videos, and etc. as your means to learn. Moodle development allows the administrators to tailor the learning process based on the based on the need of individual learners.


How to Use Moodle for Mobile Learning:

Making use of mobile learning techniques is pretty simple. Both multimedia content and static content may be delivered through Moodle mobile learning. Here are some of the content which may be successfully delivered via mobile learning:

  • Video lectures, audio lectures, and Podcasts
  • Game-based learning or gamification or
  • eBooks, or documents
  • Delivering quick polls or quizzes in class
  • Assessments, tests, and knowledge checks


Moodle is a feasible platform for companies to employ mobile learning either via native mobile apps and web-based apps. The newest component of Moodle course buttons and content are now visible even on smaller mobile screens to support the users. But before you begin making use of Moodle development for mobile screens here are some tips:

It is very imperative to enhance your studying materials for the mobile screens. Reading is normally not very appropriate for little screens, but it may still work if the reading is short and if the text may be zoomed based on the need. Videos and slide presentations may as well be utilized for learning.

If you own a mobile application for studying, then it is essential to direct the users without believing that they know how it functions. While providing your lessons on mobile, it is essential to provide further links that are associated with the reading materials so that the students find it simple to learn. In addition, ensure that you provide a brief introduction to your course and that the website is mobile friendly so that the students know what it is all about. Carefully selecting a mobile theme would as well assist you.

Technology is making the world simple and as well a better place to live. It certainly enables the job for the teachers to be simple and the learning process for the students, engaging and fun. They can share useful competence and skills with their friends and benefit better chances of learning.

Technology has made a huge contribution to the education learning and process. Today, students can simply acquire useful skills and may achieve higher levels of skill through mobile learning system due to its beneficial features.


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