Technologies That Will Shape the Future

Technologies Shaping Future

Currently, it is an interesting moment in the history of civilization. Technology In the past has shaped itself to the desires of society, but we have gone beyond that point. In the last, 15 years we have begun to witness society shaping itself to technology instead.

We have attained a saturation level where technology is so ubiquitous mostly because of the little computers, smartphones, we carry around with us that were used to be a broad speculation now seems just around the corner. Society has pretty much engrossed the change inherent in a global network that connects every person to every other person, and the major behavioral changes may be summed up by looking at Twitter and Facebook.  Obviously, business has been greatly impacted as well, but this article is focusing typically about changes to day to day life.

Here are five technologies that appear to be emerging on the universe in the next few years, and their effect on our lives. The most interesting part of these is the way they communicate when utilized together; the intersection of these disruptive technologies is where you can begin to actually comprehend how these will impact the universe in concrete ways.

Distributed Proof of Ownership

If you have followed Bitcoin you know how disruptive this can be. But Bitcoin is one of the implementations of a distributed proof of ownership etiquette which results in the blockchain: a distributed ledger that says who owns what.

That may sound boring but think of all the intermediaries that exist today only because they are a reliable third party for proving ownership: stock exchanges, DNS registrars, central banks, title registrations with governments, and so countless more. Many of the most powerful organizations in the world exist because you need some way to prove who owns what.

Now you can begin practicing to wrap your head around what blockchains will accomplish in the nearest future when they are utilized for several things rather than just Bitcoin. To mention a very particular example that you that can be looked at today, Namecoin is a new method to prove ownership of a domain name, which enables domain registrars and obsolete ICANN (at least, as they exist at the moment). It is still early, but more are on the way.


The Internet has never truly been anonymous, but there are technologies emerging that make it anonymous. Tor is the best known, but there are others as well such as I2P that improve on Tor, a healthy sign for any new technology. These are still very cutting edge, which means they are not usable by the average consumer and we have not truly seen their impact yet.

The change witnessed by online anonymity as therefore being very politically-oriented. Whistleblowers have been able to anonymously share documents with reporters and Wikileaks as also allow citizens to anonymously purchase drugs online.


The concept of crowdfunding is still young. So far you have witnessed people ideas being funded on Kixkstarted, and to a lesser extent, you are seeing businesses funded in this manner and on Angel List. But because it successfully split big investments into lesser chunks, therefore broadening the risk around, it totally changes the method an average individual will begin to think concerning risk. And it is altering the whole thing from investing to philanthropy. You are even beginning to see cases of crowdfunding medical treatments talk concerning a diverse type of healthcare system.

The Subscription Economy

This is more of a communal change enabled by technology, but it has impacted on a lot of things. You are beginning to see citizens purchasing the whole thing from diapers to clothing via subscription. This is a great change in behavior and it has still to touch a few significant industries. For instance, you will be able to subscribe to resort experiences and monthly dinner clubs.

Location Services

Apple once again launched an embryonic technology to the general populace when they revealed iBeacon, an implementation of precise, location-aware technology. This new technology is interesting due to the new potential it opens up in meatspace (face-to-face) interactions.

You are just now beginning to witness the first public function of this technology; it was recently used at the Superbowl. It is expected that this one will take off quite soon.

These are the five technologies that it is believed to have the most immediate possibility to change our daily lives.


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