Technological Gadgets That Should Be Wireless Other Than the iPhone 7

With the wireless revolution in mind, here are some of the technological devices that also deserve a wireless treatment, not just for the sake of making your iPhone 7 experiences further aerodynamic, but to further develop the wireless experience program and finally making use of wireless technology in all the gadgets that we possibly could use for our convenience.

Wireless Charging of Laptops and PCs

If its smaller counterpart which is the smartphones is able to do it, how much more can the laptops and desktop computers? Standard computers have a size that tech innovation could easily exploit. So, there’s really no reason why it shouldn’t happen sometime soon.

However, a technology company finally paid attention to that long-overdue technological development and has taken the initial step in producing wireless charging for laptops and desktop computers to occur. Essentially, Dell laptops commenced this technology revolution in laptop charging; however, it did not achieve as much media mileage as the wireless charging capacity of the newest smartphones and the iPhone 7’s airpods. The wireless charging for laptops is a type of a charging matt, which will only transmit the battery’s charge if the laptop is placed on it.

Wireless External Hard Disk Drives

External hard disk drives have been one of the devices to handle inadequate storage space on your desktops or laptops. Particularly to people who run around with Ultrabooks or Macbooks which only have a restricted amount of storage space, not sufficient to have a complete movie collection with you. Although, external hard drives have resolved nearly all our storage space problem proficiently, what better way to make the experience a lot better than to have it done wirelessly?

The next step in the development of the external hard drives that we actually make use today is My Passport Wireless. This device can transfer, sync, and allow your computer read files from it with no cords literally attached to it. This form of the art external hard drives makes use of the newest wireless technological mediums which are referred to as the MIMO and Wireless N technology.

Meanwhile, MIMO technology depicts Multiple Input, Multiple outputs. It is essentially a signal that enables the technology to be a transmitter and the receiver of the data that is wirelessly transmitted. This device enabled it probable for the My Passport Wireless to develop into not just a wireless storage technology, but as well a Wi-Fi Hub. On the other hand, the next generation wireless networking standards, that is, Wireless N are being utilized by WiFi routers. It is fundamentally the technology that picks up wireless signals from WiFi routers. However, Wireless N is seen to be much faster in terms of transfer speed.

The My Passport Wireless is a little bigger than the long-established external hard disk since it has a 3,400mAh battery on board. Besides that, it has a USB 3.0 port and a microSD slot for people who still prefer to get it done with a string.

Wireless HDMI

Watching a movie from a laptop or a smartphone has before now incorporated wireless technology into the experience for quite some time now. With that in mind, it is with reference to the time that we also get our hands on a Wireless HDMI. This is basically the replacement of the HDMI cord that we frequently use today for our gaming console, Blue Ray players, or DVRs. This device could be found in form of an adapter, which you may easily plug into the HDMI port of the device where you want to have your display projected. That device, that is, the adapter will then send out a signal to capable wireless devices such as your laptop, DVR, smartphone, and the likes.

Moreover, Wireless HDMIs has not got to the conventional market yet for motives typically revolving around incompatibility. However, once it is completely developed to entirely cater for the mainstream market, there is actually no basis why you must hold back from getting this. Not only will it untangle you from the necessity of using a cable, but the range of your source device will be a minor factor from then on you are your BlueRay player is in the next room, that would not be an issue anymore.

We are at the moment live in an age of wireless communication. Either it is an electronic device functioning together with another or communication between two people talking. There are no better means for us to move towards further technology but to go wireless. And, with the unveiling of the iPhone 7, that achievement has just been reinforced with the introduction of a jack-free audio experience.



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