Sending apk file on whatsapp without using any third party app..

Sending Apk file on whatsapp

Have you ever tried of sending apk file on whatsapp? Is their any option available officially? Answer will be a big No from most of the users.

But their is a way out to send all types of apk files using whatsapp and that too without any third party app help.

How to go about!!

Its very simple and easy to learn. Following are steps to follow:

1) open the file manager

2) select the apk file by long pressing on it

3)select rename option from menu

4)delete the extension .apk

5) in place of  .apk write .txt

6) now come back to whatsapp

7) open whatsapp

8) open the freinds profile to whom you want to send the apk file

9) now select the documents tab

10) find the file which was renamed

11) select the file and send it

12) now an important task to ask your freind to download the txt file and rename the same file to .apk in file manager

13) Install the .apk file now happily

14) also select install from unkown sources in security tab found in settings


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