Relevance Of DukeScript For Java Developers

DukeScript is a technology for designing desktop applications and cross-platform mobile with Java and HTML5. Unlike other solutions which utilize Java on the server side, DukeScript makes use of Java on the client side without relying on Oracle’s plug-in used in the past to run applets. The technology runs on desktop browsers, iOS, Android, and any HTML5/JavaScript environment.

On the desktop browser, the Java code must be interpreted into equivalent JavaScript snippets. This may be performed just-in-time or ahead-of-time with Bck2Brwsr, a JVM written by Tulach. According to Epple, for the JIT circumstances, Bck2Brwsr is loaded when the web page is loaded, and in turn, it loads the most important Java class of the application and instantiates it, then the Java data model is bindings and instantiated with HTML components that are created. When Java code is to be implemented, Bck2Brwsr interprets it into JavaScript and the code will be run on the browser’s engine. Bck2Brwsr is not hardwired into all of this, one being capable to substitute it with another VM. TeaVM is one of the examples of the VM that can be used to replace it.

On Windows Phone, a solution similar to Android and iOS’ could be used, with Bck2Brwsr as the JVM of choice, but it has not been tested yet and some work might be required.

The choice of web browser, operating system, and device are different from one user to another. Thus, Java programmers should put additional effort and time to build cross-platform software applications. As the latest tech, DukeScript allows it to be simple for Java programmers to create mobile applications, web, and cross-platform desktop with a single code base.

It enables programmers to design views with business logic and HTML5 with Java. The developers as well have the alternative to write the Java code once, and use again the similar code at both server-side and client-side. Therefore, the Java programmers can make use of DukeScript to create a broad range of cross-platform software applications based on varying business needs.

Features that Make DukeScript Relevant for Java Developers

Emphasizes on Clean Java Code Writing

Every DukeScript application is a simple Java application. Other than the DukeScript applications utilize UI technologies such as JavaScript and HTML5 for functioning. Thus, the developers may utilize business logic in Java, while designing responsive user interfaces with JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5. The developers may as well use again similar Java code at both server-side and client-side by incorporating DukeScript with spring and Java EE. However, the technology needs programmers to write readable and clean Java code.


DukeScript speeds up cross-platform software development by merging UI and Java technologies. The technologies enable programmers to keep the business logic and software’s user interface separated. The developers may further write the business logic in Java, and use again the code on both server and client. Though, the DukeScript applications yet operate within a Java virtual machine (JVM). Other than, they display and deliver the pages via a HTML-renderer. While loading a page, DukeScript combines data model to the dynamic page elements using Knockout.js.

Ready to Use APIs

The DukeScript ready to use APIs assists Java programmers to ease the cross-platform software development. The developers moreover have the alternative to combine the existing APIs to numerous JavaScript libraries based on their specific requirements. They may even utilize their preferred tools to avail features such as automated code analysis and code completion. Furthermore, the Java developers may utilize robust IDEs such as NetBeans to build the cross-platform software applications more professionally.

Supports Widely Used Web Technologies

DukeScript is not created as a lettering language. However, it supports generally used web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5. The open technologies allow it to be simple for Java programmers to design software that operates seamlessly ob varying platforms and devices. The developers may, in addition, make the DukeScript applications responsive by utilizing robust frameworks such as Bootstrap. However, Java programming language could still be an alternative to write the business logic.

Cross-Platform Software Development

As noted earlier, DukeScript allows Java programmers to design mobile applications, web, and cross-platform desktop quickly. The developers may design web applications by merging DukeScript and Java that operate perfectly within the browser without depending on Java plug-ins. Similarly; DukeScript, in addition, allows programmers to design mobile apps compatible with Android and iOS. The developers as well have an alternative to distributing the applications via Google Play and Apple App Store. DukeScript enables programmers to create cross-platform desktop applications through CSS and HTML.


Commercial Support

The novice Java programmers may ease cross-platform software improvement by availing commercial support for every phase of the software development lifecycle. The commercial support includes help desk, development, consulting, and training. The commercial support enables it to be simple for Java programmers to create a custom DukeScript application easily according to different business needs.

In conclusion, the Java programmers may utilize DukeScript to build mobile applications, web, or cross-platform desktop according to varying business needs. They ease cross-platform software development by taking the opportunity of the ready to use APIs provided by DukeScript.


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