Do You Experience God?

Connor, a person in his past due forty’s, has completed the whole thing he ever notion he needed to experience glad and cozy. He owns a a hit commercial enterprise, has a wonderful spouse and youngsters, and a stunning domestic. But when you look at him, he doesn’t look satisfied. He looks empty, without a experience of vibrancy about him.

His spouse, brianna. Additionally has everything she ever desired – a husband, youngsters, monetary security, a success paintings and a beautiful domestic. While you observe her, you notice someone packed with aliveness and energy, friendliness and pleasure.

What is the difference? Why are those two humans, every who’ve the identical outer things, so very one of a kind of their strength? The solution is that brianna has a robust connection with god whilst connor has no non secular connection at all.

The longer i’ve labored as a counselor, the easier it has become for me to inform the difference between folks who realize and enjoy god and those who don’t. It’s miles the difference between connor and brianna. It’s miles the distinction among being complete from the interior or inwardly empty.

It’s no longer that connor doesn’t want to enjoy god. He says he simply desires to. He sees the difference among him and brianna and he says he needs what she has. He sees his mother and father as empty and he says he doesn’t want to become like them, without a experience of ardour or cause in their lives.

But connor does no longer experience god, and the motive is simple: he places a better priority on having manipulate over money, employees, what human beings consider him, his spouse, and his children than on being a loving individual. He says he desires to be loving, and the times he is loving he feels outstanding, but it in no way lasts due to the fact his desire to control is greater than his preference to be loving. He is afraid if he’s loving to himself and others his enterprise will suffer, he could have less money, he’s going to lose friends. His ego wounded self tells him that if he’s open and loving, he may be taken gain of, and that is the closing factor he wishes. So his number one goal is to protect in opposition to what he fears rather than to be loving.

God is love, the spirit of love, the electricity of love. That love is constantly here for us while we open our heart. Our coronary heart opens automatically whilst our cause is to analyze what’s loving to ourselves and others in preference to guard in opposition to what we worry with our controlling conduct. To realize god is to recognise love. To recognize love is to recognise god.

Whilst brianna appears at connor with love, connor feels afraid and turns away. If he opens to her love, he fears he will be liable to being harm. Maybe she received’t like what she sees if he is open and will reject him. Perhaps she wants more than he desires to provide. Maybe she simply wants to suck the existence out of him like his mother did. Defensive towards his fears is more critical to him than being loving and sharing love with brianna. Brianna loves connor but is frequently lonely with him because he’s afraid to percentage love along with her. Connor complains that he doesn’t feel true loads of the time – he feels empty. He avoids his vacancy with meals and tv, which doesn’t deliver him joy.

Connor complains that he doesn’t know a way to revel in god. I inform him it’s no longer about how, it‘s about cause. While his private choice is to be loving in place of controlling, he’s going to without problems and clearly revel in god. It’s all approximately purpose. Our cause is what we’ve preference over. Our purpose governs how we live, who we select to be, how we behave. Our purpose to love and study love opens our heart to the enjoy of god.

If you sense empty, consider that it can be greater important to you to govern than to like. If you recognize others who seem like empty, do not forget that it may be more essential to them to govern than to love.

Opening to love does no longer mean that we can be susceptible to being hurt, manipulated, taken advantage of. In truth, the opposite can occur: in experiencing god, we obtain the information and electricity to recognize what is good or terrible for us, what is right or incorrect for us. In commencing to god, we find out what’s in our highest desirable. It’s miles a long way more secure than counting on our wounded ego self. Starting to the love this is god via your motive to research can bring you the deep experience of fullness and protection for which your coronary heart and soul have usually yearned.

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