Coolest Trends in Home Automation Technology for Your Home

Home automation could be referred to as building automation for the house known as a smart house or smart home. This includes the control and automation of lighting, ventilation, heating (like a smart thermostat), air conditioning (HVAC) and security and home domestic device including oven or refrigerators/freezers, washing machines/dryers. Wi-Fi is frequently utilized for remote control and monitoring. Household appliances when remotely controlled and monitored through the Internet are a significant component of the Internet of Things. Modern systems, in general, comprised of sensors and switches connected to a central hub sometimes referred to as “gateway”, in which the system is coordinated by a user interface that interacts with a mobile phone software, wall mounted terminal, web interface or tablet computer, frequently but not always through the Internet cloud service.

Although there are several competing vendors, there are very few industrial standards accepted throughout the world and the smart home space is very fragmented. The most famous communication protocol for products includes X10, Z-Wave, Ethernet, ZigBee, RS-485, Bluetooth LE (BLE) and 6LoWPAN or other proprietary protocols that are all of which are not compatible with each other. Producers usually avoid independent implementations by retaining documentation and by litigation.

For people who follow the latest technology reports, it is not a secret that home automation tech is becoming more and more famous. “Smart homes” are not only great but as well provide a huge amount of purposes that cannot be compared with homes that do not integrate automation. As technology progresses, trends come and go. However, some people would concur that it is secure to say that domestic automation is here to stay and that it will only grow over time. Here are some of the best trends in home automation technology for your home.

Automated drapery systems

Dislike tying up I hate to curtain the curtains every morning? You are not alone, that is why automated drapery systems are rapidly gaining more prominence in more homes every year. You may control your drapes into their upright positions without effort and seamlessly with only the push of a button. Automated drapery systems not only cool looking but are just another functional means to streamline your day.

Electronic Sconces

Since traditional light fixture gradually drops out of homes use every year, electronic sconces are becoming more accepted ending up in most of the progressive and modern homes on the planet. Not only do LED powered sconces to save electricity but also able to offer a warm and unique lighting that cannot be replicated by several other kinds of fixture. To give your home a touch of class and to add progressiveness, electronic lighting fixtures are the perfect solution.

Home Lighting Control

Home lighting control is the most useful and common form of automation tech in the market.  From the single hub, users may control all the lights in the home and can carry out multiple tasks at once, including dimming. Rather than running to the top floor to switch off a forgotten light, users may simply switch them off using the remote control from the where they are presently located. Domestic lighting control is the core element of home automation technology and has optimized the homes of thousands of people so thus far.

Automated Access Control

Most likely, anyone who has a home using automation technology will want to set up some kind of security system, although it is essential to have a standard security system in place. This technology is used daily in medical and professional facilities and is becoming more and more common in homes around the world. With automated access control, you will never have to bother who has access to your house and who does not. Automated access control is also a great means to close access to certain rooms in your home, such as studios or offices.


Projection Screens


Several people with smart homes equipped them with projection screens to surf the Internet and watch television for good reasons. Not only are projection screens utilize high resolution, but they can actually raise the cool factor of each room they are in. Combined with the superb sound system, projection screens make for the ultimate in home theater.


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